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Ye Pirates Club has been established as a Gentleman's Club in Porthcawl since 1928.  Located in 'The Square', the Club overlooks the harbour and the rugged coast of the Bristol Channel.  As the name suggests, the Club maintains a nautical theme and the interior has been kept quaint and in character.

The original founders of the Club were professional men whose concept was to provide a friendly haven where members could meet in pleasant surroundings and enjoy a quiet drink.  Today, the members are from a wide range of occupations and professions.

Members enjoy regular social activities, including annual dinners, snooker and golf competitions.  Snooker forms the central activity of the Club and two tables are maintained for member's use.  However, the Club also enjoys 'quiet rooms' where members can relax, read or catch up with the news on TV.

The reputation of the Club has always been held in high regard within the community, but the Club's existence has probably been one of Porthcawl's unintentional best-kept secrets.