History of Ye Pirates Club

In 1825 a group of local landowners and businessmen obtained an Act of Parliament to construct a dock at Porthcawl.

Work on Porthcawl’s first dock commenced in 1828 and this saw the arrival of the town’s first public houses. These mainly converted dwellings, several of which appeared in the vicinity of the harbour to serve the workers employed in constructing the dock complex. One of the very first hostelries was the Harbour Inn.

The dock prospered and became a leading exporter for the coal and iron industries.

In 1928, the Pirate’s Club was founded and still uses the old Harbour Inn premises.

In 1929 committee minutes recorded that the furnishing and conduct of the Club should be in keeping with its name. Today, the Club still maintains a nautical theme and displays ‘port’ and ‘starboard’ lights at the entrance to aid Club members navigate the approaches.

The building is now over 200 years old and although it now boasts modern facilities, the atmosphere is tangible and unique.