Covid Reopening Guidelines/Conditions

The primary aim of our guidelines is always to protect the health and safety of Members, Guests, Staff and their families and friends. As such, we must retain Test, Trace and Protect as the central focus of the guidelines.

The revised guidelines/conditions for attendance are as follows:

The maximum numbers per room will now be:
TV Room – 7;
Front Bar – 7;
Dugout – 0 (To be used as a storage area for excess furniture);
Games Room – 7;
Snooker Room – 8;
Garden – 12.
The 2 metre spacing is maintained by table/chair spacing, so please don’t move the furniture.

We are now able to allow guests to attend.

Seating has been removed from the Gangplank to facilitate socially distanced movement of Members when going to the Bar, Snooker Room or toilets.

In order to maintain the 2m spacing in the toilets, a maximum of two people may use the urinals, one at each end, with one person in the cubicle.

Before entering and after leaving the toilets, members shall use the hand sanitiser placed on the table outside the toilet.

It is necessary to retain the booking policy for attendance at the Club. Members will be able to book a place for an evening by contacting the Scrivener, by phone, text or email, before 18.00, or by phoning the Club after 18.00 to ascertain whether there are any spaces for that evening. This policy is essential for the management/supervision of numbers, and to avoid the disappointment of members being ‘turned away’ from the Club.

The contact details are:

Nick Beynon: email:
Phone/Text: 07751804202
Ye Pirates Club: Phone: 01656 782091

If, after making a booking, you are subsequently unable to attend, please inform the Scrivener/Steward of the change in arrangement, as this will then allow other Members to have an opportunity to attend.

It is important to ensure that Members and Guests fill in the Test, Trace and Protect book (Name, phone number and postcode).

It will be necessary for the inside front door to the Club to be locked, to enable the appropriate monitoring of the numbers attending.

Members must not attend or try to enter the Club if they are symptomatic or living with someone who has a possible confirmed case of Covid 19.

On arrival at the Club, it will be necessary for Members to have their temperature checked. This will be carried out at the front door, by the bar staff, using a contactless digital thermometer. If their temperature is too high, then, in line with Government policy, that person will be denied entry and advised to self-isolate for two weeks.

Assuming that the temperature is shown to be normal, then that Member/Guest must sanitise his hands, before completing the daily attendance log, which will ask name, contact telephone number and post code. This is to facilitate Test, Trace and Protect where necessary.

Table service has been withdrawn.

Those Members and Guests sat in the Front Bar can order and pay for drinks at the bar. Members and Guests sat in other rooms can order and pay for their drinks at the hatch in the Games Room and collect their orders at the bar on the Gangplank. If there is a queue at the hatch, please delay your approach to the Bar. This will minimise the number of people on the Gangplank, maintain the 2 metre spacing and reduce movement around the building.

Members will not return empty glasses. They will be collected by the Staff.

The tables will be sanitised regularly and I ask that we are patient with the Staff as they go about their cleaning duties. It is for our health and safety.

The Government states, ‘If you can offer cashless payments do so as a primary option. Discourage the use of cash.’

For the maintenance of hygiene, health and safety of Members, Guests and Staff, we have introduced a contactless payment system. The methods of payment that we will be able to accept are: debit card, credit card, Applepay, GooglePay, or cash, but the use of cash does increase the risk of infection for all concerned.

There will not be a ‘cashback’ facility on offer.

The Dress Code is to be maintained.

These conditions will be reviewed weekly, and amended as appropriate at the earliest opportunity.

If you have any questions or observations, please contact the Skipper on 07815142071 or the Scrivener.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Yours sincerely,

Alun White